one week til GO TIME

Wow wow wow.

I leave for Thailand in one week, guys!

One of the things demanding the energy and focus of my mind this week is working toward “feeling ready.” I have been excited to move to Pattaya for a while now. But, having just been there and seeing part of what’s ahead, I cannot wait to get back there and join the momentum of what I get to be a part of! A piece of my heart is already there.

While I have been extraordinarily busy the last few months – applying for my visas, obtaining my international drivers license, studying for my counseling licensure exam, studying, meeting with my team of supporters linking arms with me… I have also been packing up my entire life, readying myself to boldly go and begin my work with Shear Love!

As I continue to tie up final things here in AZ this week, I’ve been studying like it’s nobody’s business. I take the exam on Monday March 11th, and am looking forward to having that victory completed! Prayers are appreciated.

Meanwhile– I’ve designed a T-shirt fundraiser campaign to help me:

1. Raise awareness of the need of this ministry and the work our team gets to do!

2. Dress you in such trendy designs that you can rep wherever you roam!


3. Raise financial support for my work over there!

Get your shirt here!!!

Join me in going boldly, as we create relationships with those we meet so they can feel seen, known, and chosen.

Join me in loving deeply in Pattaya, Thailand!

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Love to you all!


Preparing in the Present

Coming back from Pattaya this last week has me feeling like jetlag won’t ever go away! So, I took advantage of being up before the sun this morning to journal about my current journey!

In Pattaya, I had the sweet gift of getting to connect with my new friends at Shear Love, and those I’ll be linking arms with over in Pattaya! I not only got to taste some incredible authentic Thai food, but I also got a real taste for the heartbeat of that ministry and the partnerships already working down there!

What has been funny to me is the amount of people who were surprised to see me back in AZ in less than 2 weeks! Although I brought many things with me on that short expedition, I am returning home for just a few short weeks so that I can continue preparing for my National Counselor Exam for the last step in obtaining my licensure, here in AZ!

I’ll take the NCE exam March 11, and hope to be on a jet plane headed to Bangkok in the few days following.

While I continue adventuring in the present – studying, packing and preparing – I am exceedingly expectant for the things that The Lord is preparing for me!

Feel free to climb aboard with us as I continue my fundraising, studying, and packing-dance parties!


ATTENTION Freedom Fighters and Justice Seekers:

As you may have seen in my previous post from 2 days ago, I’m in the ‘preparation and dreaming’ phase of getting ready for my move to Pattaya, Thailand!

Before I even knew Thailand + Counseling were in the same sentence for my close future, I had already committed to venturing with a team from my church, The Grove. 

The team will be heading out in January 2019, and while my 2-week itinerary will look more like a balance of team mission work and game planning for my upcoming move, I am looking forward to this trip to allow some dreaming of what my skills, tools, and experience will bring shortly after that! I feel the opportunity to go, to see, to taste – will allow a new harvest of sprouted seeds to show me where I can plan and prepare for the beginning.

If you are considering supporting this new opportunity, you can easily donate toward my time in Pattaya by clicking on this link: The Grove

Be sure to click “Thailand Mission” – and add my name in the memo line.

I look forward to sharing more of my upcoming dream coming to life! Thanks for joining me!



**All donations are tax deductible

PSA: I’m Moving to Thailand!

I am excited to share with you all about an opportunity I will be stepping into. At the beginning of 2019, I will be moving to Pattaya, Thailand!

For a long time I’ve had a passion for counseling and walking with others, but more recently pairing that with people from different cultures. The various short-term missions I have had the pleasure of being apart of have continued to greatly water that seed.

My heart is drawn to finding ways to love and lead, while discovering grace and truth through healing in the deepest places of their lives.

I just finished my Master of Arts in Counseling from Phoenix Seminary, and in the past couple of months I have been asking the Lord- “where to next?”

In my asking and seeking, God kept challenging me to open my eyes and heart to places outside Arizona. So, hesitatingly, I began looking at counseling jobs in other states – not really mentioning anything to anyone, because I wasn’t really ready to press any further than that. And, “what if I don’t get any job offers outside the state?” – then, I won’t have to tell people I might be moving, and then just kidding I’m not…

So, here we are, a few months down that road of preparing for this new journey, wherever God would lead. My passion, skills and heartbeat are running parallel with an opportunity that fits the supply to the demand. I believe God is calling me to work as a Clinical Therapist in Pattaya, Thailand, with Shear Love. Shear Love and their stateside organization Free Rain a global, faith-based organization that provides resources and initiatives to aid those enslaved, impoverished, and exploited. By using discipleship, education, job-skill training, and clinical counseling, they help individuals heal from the painful experiences of sex-trafficking, abuse, addiction and poverty. They are given a hope for a future full of promise.

I am continuously humbled and honored to be a part of something so powerful, that out of anyone, The Lord is calling me qualified and ready. This very opportunity to utilize my training and passion, far exceeds what I could have imagined for myself at this point in my story, but man am I ready to pack my camp and head out on the terrain! I look forward to the moments that will stretch, strengthen and mature me personally, professionally and spiritually.

My goal is to begin my work in Thailand this coming March. Over the next few months I will be preparing for this transition in many ways, while raising financial support for the 1-year commitment that I have made with Shear Love. I look forward to sharing more of my story with you! I will be hosting a few information-sharing events for anyone interested in learning more. I’m so thankful for the prayers and encouragement of so many as I step into this next season of my life.