Finding Freedom.

This week has felt like nothing short of a firehose at full pressure.

I had honestly thought I had some pretty realistic expectations of what these “first” moments with clients would look like. I’m the new girl coming in, a strange face around this place. I don’t speak the language, and am unfamiliar with many of the cultural and customary things.

And on top of that, most of them have no idea what the ‘western idea of counseling’ is.

So in my head, I imagined that most of the first moments with each client would be heavily focused on educating them on the idea of counseling.

  • What could it be?
  • Dreaming what they might want it to be…

To my pleasant surprise, everything has been more than I expected.

Some sessions felt like a fire hydrant at maximum pressure waiting to explode.

The second I gave permission to share, it was as if there wasn’t enough to time to share.

Which… I’d like to acknowledge the miracle right there.

Learning the Thai culture, it is customary to not publicize your business.

Your story. Your past. Your hardships. Your mistakes.

It’s as if I don’t have the right words to fully describe these moments, but these Shear Love students, my clients, are so eager to find this healing we talk about. Their thirst for the wholeness they’ve been learning about in their studies.

There are a number of moments that stand out over the past 2 weeks here.

My hope is that YOU can join in the joy I feel from these moments.

One of the first sessions I had with a client told me she had been waiting to meet me for two months.

She was so excited to meet me, and to spend time with me because she knew I would bring her freedom. She went on to say that Shear Love had already brought her so much hope, truth and grace – that she was ready to find freedom, too.


In that moment I felt unprepared to know what to say or how to respond. I was definitely ill equipped in finding the right response. #nopressure.

Yesterday, I met with another client for the first time. We had maybe been in session for no more than 4 minutes before she jumped straight to the deep end.

I had spent most of those first 4 minutes sharing about myself, and began explaining how counseling can be a place for her to decide – what she wants to work on, talk about, or just sit together.

And in the middle of my sharing, she interrupts me with some broken English,

“Yeah I been talking to the girls about this and be waiting for my time with Kiistaah.. so when can start?”

I respond,

“Oh wow! I’m so glad. I’m so glad to finally met you! We can start whenever you want!”

Moments later, rain drop tears begin to fall from her eyes.

She then goes on to share (with the help of our translator), her story with me. She has never had a place in her life where she can talk or work through the broken pieces.

She has been “waiting for a place to feel safe.”

I, Kiistaah, am still soaking it all in and processing so many details, but I am just so thankful for the immediate answers to my prayers.

I have prayed for these women. Prayed for them to feel safe, brave and loved.

Safe to share.

Brave to explore their hearts.

And to know they are loved and not trekking alone.

What an honor it is to stand in the gaps already.

Grace and Truth,


3 thoughts on “Finding Freedom.

  1. So proud of you Krista and how you are sharing Goda love to your clients. It’s your way in how you share with your clients allows them to feel safe for them to share their struggles. God has prepared you for this journey and Thailand is now a better place that you’re in it! Amazing how God orchestrates things in your life to prepare you for a journey of a lifetime. Enjoy this Krista…..Love Tia Phyl🙏❤️


  2. Wow. I absolutely LOVE this. Thank you so much for sharing it, Krista. I am so looking forward to reading about the things the Lord is doing in and through you. Praying for those counseling sessions, that the Lord would be in it with you and that you would be a witness to stand with those precious girls through the telling of their stories.


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