one week til GO TIME

Wow wow wow.

I leave for Thailand in one week, guys!

One of the things demanding the energy and focus of my mind this week is working toward “feeling ready.” I have been excited to move to Pattaya for a while now. But, having just been there and seeing part of what’s ahead, I cannot wait to get back there and join the momentum of what I get to be a part of! A piece of my heart is already there.

While I have been extraordinarily busy the last few months – applying for my visas, obtaining my international drivers license, studying for my counseling licensure exam, studying, meeting with my team of supporters linking arms with me… I have also been packing up my entire life, readying myself to boldly go and begin my work with Shear Love!

As I continue to tie up final things here in AZ this week, I’ve been studying like it’s nobody’s business. I take the exam on Monday March 11th, and am looking forward to having that victory completed! Prayers are appreciated.

Meanwhile– I’ve designed a T-shirt fundraiser campaign to help me:

1. Raise awareness of the need of this ministry and the work our team gets to do!

2. Dress you in such trendy designs that you can rep wherever you roam!


3. Raise financial support for my work over there!

Get your shirt here!!!

Join me in going boldly, as we create relationships with those we meet so they can feel seen, known, and chosen.

Join me in loving deeply in Pattaya, Thailand!

#buyashirt #ormore #buy4

Love to you all!


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