Preparing in the Present

Coming back from Pattaya this last week has me feeling like jetlag won’t ever go away! So, I took advantage of being up before the sun this morning to journal about my current journey!

In Pattaya, I had the sweet gift of getting to connect with my new friends at Shear Love, and those I’ll be linking arms with over in Pattaya! I not only got to taste some incredible authentic Thai food, but I also got a real taste for the heartbeat of that ministry and the partnerships already working down there!

What has been funny to me is the amount of people who were surprised to see me back in AZ in less than 2 weeks! Although I brought many things with me on that short expedition, I am returning home for just a few short weeks so that I can continue preparing for my National Counselor Exam for the last step in obtaining my licensure, here in AZ!

I’ll take the NCE exam March 11, and hope to be on a jet plane headed to Bangkok in the few days following.

While I continue adventuring in the present – studying, packing and preparing – I am exceedingly expectant for the things that The Lord is preparing for me!

Feel free to climb aboard with us as I continue my fundraising, studying, and packing-dance parties!

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