ATTENTION Freedom Fighters and Justice Seekers:

As you may have seen in my previous post from 2 days ago, I’m in the ‘preparation and dreaming’ phase of getting ready for my move to Pattaya, Thailand!

Before I even knew Thailand + Counseling were in the same sentence for my close future, I had already committed to venturing with a team from my church, The Grove. 

The team will be heading out in January 2019, and while my 2-week itinerary will look more like a balance of team mission work and game planning for my upcoming move, I am looking forward to this trip to allow some dreaming of what my skills, tools, and experience will bring shortly after that! I feel the opportunity to go, to see, to taste – will allow a new harvest of sprouted seeds to show me where I can plan and prepare for the beginning.

If you are considering supporting this new opportunity, you can easily donate toward my time in Pattaya by clicking on this link: The Grove

Be sure to click “Thailand Mission” – and add my name in the memo line.

I look forward to sharing more of my upcoming dream coming to life! Thanks for joining me!



**All donations are tax deductible

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